Hello and welcome to my blog.

I don’t know how you found me, but now you are here, feel free to get in touch.

If you are reading this, then you have probably looked at a business opportunity that I am involved in, so I will take some time to explain how we both arrived here.

After a long period as a financial advisor to an elite clientele, including directors of Coutts Bank, Lloyds Bank, City Bank, Politicians, Judges and leaders of industry, I decided to go into business for myself.

I knew I needed leverage, in other words, the ability to earn off of the efforts of people or machines, rather than just earning money from my own efforts, after around a year of searching for an opportunity, I found one.

Not just any opportunity, but a great opportunity in telecommunications. I paid £200 to be an agent for a telecommunications company that would pay me a cut every month of my customers telephone bills.

This would mean that once I had enough customers, I could essentially sit back knowing my bills were paid every month.

This is what is called residual income.

Not only that, but I could recruit some agents interested in earning in the same way, and also get a small cut of their customers bills too.

This is what is called leveraged residual income.

I left this business after 4 years, the team I had built with a business partner had acquired 12000 customers, and eventually grew to 17000 customers, retiring the business partner I had sold my share to.

This teams customers have over the years spent around 50 Million Pounds.

Having left the business I got involved in building the cleaning business my wife still runs 17 years later, Maids in Waiting. This is a traditional business and as such was far more expensive to set up, the advertising costs on this business alone were over £75,000 in the first 18 months, our home was sold just to pay those costs.

Eventually that business had over 100 cleaners working for it, across 4 counties, unfortunately in many traditonal types of businesses, the bigger the business gets the more hassle it becomes, my wife now runs that business with just 30-40 staff for a more stress free life.

Having tried the agency style business and the traditional business model, it was clear that paying a small amount of money, to buy a business in a box, promoting other people’s products and services, was a much easier and more affordable route.

With this in mind I joined a well known UK plc, this company allows people to sell it’s energy and telecommunications products for an ongoing commission, and even better it allows them to build a team.

The team I started and trained in that business went on to get 5000 multi service customers, which in the last decade will have spent around 70 million pounds. I paid £200 to join that company and had my investment returned many times before I left that company unhappy with the direction it was taking.

In recent times my son came to me asking me to help him build a flooring company, I agreed and got on with putting another business together from scratch, Professional Floors.

After a huge list of task had been completed, his first van purchased and a warehouse rented, we spent around £1000-£1500 a week on advertising for 16 weeks. The business took off, we now have 4 vans installing up to £30,000 worth of flooring in a good month.

Having built the retail business, we had access to large discounts on quality flooring, we also came to understand which brands were more or less reliable, we were able to see behind the curtain and work out what was marketing hype and what was true quality.

At this time we were approached by building companies, carpenters and other flooring companies for supplies, it seemed a natural progression to capitalise on these relationships and enter the wholesale side of the flooring industry. The company we set up was called Floor Shack.

Floor Shack sells high quality solid flooring to the general public and trade alike, the focus is on quality not branding, we essentially use our experience to guide our customers to a higher quality, lower cost product, by removing the smoke and mirrors and advertising hype.

However, I am nearly 49, in the hustle and bustle of it all, I did not take the time to invest the 2 million pounds you need in a pension fund to receive a 60-70k a year retirement income.

So with this in mind and the craving for a more relaxed pace of life, I am purchasing another £200 business in a box. Several of my friends have been receiving full time incomes from this company for work they did 25 years ago.

I will be offering telecommunications products, green energy products, data protection, banking, security, internet and tv services, with companies like Virgin Media, EE, 3 mobile, Vodafone and many more.

If you would like to find a better way to generate income, take a look at my latest Business Opportunity, contact me using the form below, perhaps we can work together and build something great.