Why do I need a blog if SEO is dead?

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Firstly, let’s clear something up, because some people will disagree with the premise that Search Engine Optimisation is dead. Having built businesses in 5 industries, having been involved in franchising both buying and selling, affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales and recruitment I mix with a wide range of people building businesses in many arenas across many countries. I was… Read more »

Get 10x more leads with 2 simple capture page tricks

You have heard it 100x before……the money is in the list! What you may not have heard before is that since capture pages came into popular use 20 years ago the amount of people prepared to put their details into the form and join yet another mailing list has declined by nearly 90%. This basically means you have to get… Read more »

How to build your business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social networks available to businesses today with over 700 million users in 2017, the platform is flexible in the same ways as twitter while being more visually striking than facebook, no wonder it has been growing rapidly. The question is then how do you maximise Instagram for your business? Today I am going to… Read more »

How To Get More Twitter Followers

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There are 2 main ways of building a twitter following, the first is to follow more people in the knowledge that about 20-30% will follow you back, the second is to use popular posts with a hashtag so that your content will be viewed outside of your current following. So lets take care of the basics first… A good quality… Read more »